4 reasons to love Bologna in March – despite the weather

Welcome to Bologna - March 2011

Strapping myself in to my seat, after boarding our flight to Bologna last week, I listened intently to the pilot’s welcome announcement and joined the entire flight in gasping in horror when he announced that Bologna had been drenched in snow the previous night. I started to panic, I had not packed for snow! Then, slowly it dawned on me…the worse the weather is in Bologna, the better the reason for spending all of your time in trattorias, osterias and food markets sampling plenty of what Bologna does best – FOOD! Below are a collections of reasons to be cheerful in an otherwise bleak mid-season Bologna….enjoy….I sure did….

1. Tamburini:

No-one does a deli quite like Tamburini. Right in the centre of Bologna, a stone’s throw from the Two Towers, lives this beating heart of Italian passion for food. I love this shop. I could happily turn up my toes in this shop and pass on with images of hanging hams, delicious Italian cheeses and fresh tortelloni dancing through my mind’s eye. The best thing about Tamburini also is the fact they have a canteen area out the back of the shop, where for about €7 you can get a decent lunch (I’d always opt for their homemade tortelloni) with a drink and some bread. De.licious.

My Mecca in Bologna

2. Gelato:

Oh. My. Sweet. Lord. I don’t care if there’s been snow, a blizzard, a monsoon, a shower of poisonous frogs from the sky, it’s ALWAYS a good time to eat gelato in Bologna in my book. Hunt out Gianni’s and the spectacular La Sorbetteria for some of the best in the city…

Gianni's award-winning Il Sole gelato with a scoop of ricotta gelato on top

Gianni's Stratiacella and Ricotta gelatos

A scoop of the stunning Ludovica topped with Stratiacella at La Sorbetteria

3. Food markets and window shopping:

The covered food market in the centre of Bologna is quite something. As soon as you enter through the plastic sheets covering the entrance your nose is bombarded with strong scents of cheese and cured hams. Do not go here on an empty stomach else it could prove very expensive. The fresh vegetable and fruit stalls are stunning, with a huge range of plump, delicious tomatoes and lettuces etc. And of course the cheese…

4. Apperitivi:

I am still gobsmacked as to how this culture has not yet made it to UK shores. I intend to make the apperitivi culture thrive in London! Bologna does fantastic apperitivi in almost most of its bars and pubs in the city, every night. For those unfamiliar as to what apperitivi is; bars will lay on a spread of food ranging from nuts and crisps, to sandwiches, pasta dishes, frittatas, bruschetta, salads etc, FOR FREE! From around 6pm until 8pm as you head out to enjoy a pre-dinner drink you can whet your appetite at the bars first before settling down for your 4 or 5 course meal in a restaurant. What is there not to love/admire about the Italians?

This apperitivi was only a small selection of what was offer at Cafe de Paris in Bologna when we went for pre-dinner drinks.

Bologna, ti amo. xx


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