Happiness is…


…a trip to Turin’s home of the best cioccolata calda (hot chocolate to English types).

After a long afternoon of traipsing around Turin’s abundant selection of shops, what a girl really needs is to pop in to an original 19th Century coffee house, with all the gilded trimmings and ostentatious trappings that you’d expect in a grand Italian landmark, and to slowly melt into a giant cup of smooth, silky, warm, liquid Gianduja.

Believed to be the home of Gianduja itself the remarkable Baratti & Milano is like a sweet-lovers fantasy paradise. Piedmont’s tradition of serving teeny-tiny little pastries also means that, for the dieters, you can feel a teensy bit better about indulging in a calorific orgy because they are so small and seemingly harmless. For the rest of us of course it just means that you can eat TWICE as many! And they certainly have a fine selection at Baratti.

Baratti is not a cheap place to grab a hot chocolate, but Baratti is an ‘institution’ and definitely not the place for you if you want to just ‘grab’ a hot chocolate. Set aside a decent amount of time to visit this place. Take your time, soak in the opulent atmosphere. Sit yourself down, when you’ve managed to tear your drooling face from the glass cabinets filled with sweet, divine-looking, pastries, and enjoy it. If ever you wanted to take your time over a hot chocolate, it is here.

I can’t describe, in words, how fabulous this is, so I’m going to let my photos do the talking….

Getting ready to dive in...


A bit of cream, a bit of chocolate...


No messing around


Simply in 7th heaven


A damn fine effort



By the way, on the topic of the teeny-tiny delicious pastries they love so much in Piedmont…

We picked some up at a wonderful patisserie in Turin called Fiorio when we went to a friend’s for dinner. Rather than take a bottle of wine we dished out (only) €11 for a tray of these gorgeous treats for dessert for 5 people. There were still plenty left after supper I’m ashamed to admit. They are gorgeous, but also rather filling…


Little bites of gorgeousness

Nom nom nom


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4 responses to “Happiness is…

  • Francesca

    Oh my God. That Hot Chocolate looks fantastic. Do you just dunk clotted cream in it? Heart Attack!

  • charlotte

    It’s a little after 6.30pm and this post has made me really hungry.
    Never been to this place, but I would like to say that for me, the real best place where to “take my time over a hot chocolate” is:
    This place is magnificent, an institution where Proust and the rest of the literary world use to have his coffee in Paris. There hot chocolate is called “l’Africain”.

    Liquid heaven, and goes with another specialty of the house Mont Blanc (raffined dessert made of chesnut puree / meringue / whipped cream): if still room after the hot chocolate.

    Maybe one day, you’ll have the opportunity of trying it ?

    Very nice blog.

    Charlotte (colleague of D. and gourmet)

  • Cass

    GAH looks even better than the hot choc in the Deux Magots in Pareeeeee my oh my

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