Possible new addiction

Please note: These are not they - I forgot to photograph the actual truffles

For those of you who haven’t quite worked it out yet, I’m a dairy addict. My enjoyment of certain foods is often directly attributable to the amount of dairy they include, or how much dairy I could, potentially, add to them.

I’m the sort of person who, if you suggested I try a ‘dairy-free’ alternative food, would probably stamp on your foot and punch you on the nose for even considering suggesting it to me. However, just yesterday, I managed to restrain myself from doing just that to the charming young lady who served me in our, newly opened, local organic-healthy-food-type-shop in Dalston – Healthy Stuff.

D has recently cultivated an unwelcome addiction to a particular organic chocolate bar that they sell in Healthy Stuff. The reason it’s an unwelcome addiction is because at £2.95, for a small bar, I’m not welcoming the prospect of funding his addiction every time I have to make a trip that involves passing by the door of Healthy Stuff.

Upon such a trip yesterday, I duly stopped in to pick him up his latest ‘fix’. The charming young lady in the shop, perhaps assuming I was a walk-over for a bit of upselling technique (I am not denying this is not true of course), helpfully suggested that if D is a fan of that particular extravangance then he would “simply LOVE” some delectable truffles they happened to have stocked in the fridge.

Like I’d been momentarily lobotomised I allowed the charming young lady to lead me over to the fridge and indulge me in her highly favourable recommendation. I then can recall no more until I was suddenly aware that I was walking out of the shop with several boxes of these ambrosial truffles stuffed into my bag, and a purse that felt considerably lighter in my hand.

As I returned home with her honeyed words of recommendation still ringing in my ears. I pulled out the truffles to take a closer inspection. ‘Dark and Raspberry Ecuadorian Truffles’, I read….sounds good……..then…….’Dairy-free chocolate truffles with no added sugar’


I slapped myself on the forehead. How could I have been so stupid? How could I have fallen for sales-patter about something that was dairy-free?

Seeing as how they hadn’t been cheap I wasn’t going to waste them, so I summoned D and we decided to split the boxes of two truffles between us. Waste not, want not…

Oh sweet lord. They were good. They were REALLY good.

As much as it goes against every fibre of my being to recommend something that is void of dairy, I’m really going to recommend you try these if you can. We had both the Dark and Raspberry Ecuadorian Truffles and the Italian Hazelnut Truffle. The Raspberry truffle was cheekily tart against the bitter dark chocolate, but cheeky in a give-you-a-big-kiss kind of way that you actually can’t help but enjoy. The Italian Hazelnut truffle (given my strong allegiance to Gianduja in Italy) came under tough scrutiny, however it was also really rather good. I couldn’t help but admit that I was genuinely enjoying them, despite their obnoxious lack of dairy.

The truffles are produced by an award-winning company, based in Norfolk, called Booja-Booja. An innovative, and conscientious, producer of dairy free chocolates and ‘ice cream’, they describe themselves as “a small company made up of passionate, enthusiastic and patient people”.

In all honesty, I don’t really care who they are, all I care about are those delicious little truffles. (although I’ve also spotted they sell Easter eggs on their site also).

Healthy Stuff: a word of warning –  you may want to call your suppliers and get well-stocked!


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