London Cocktail Club

London Cocktail Club

This blog is mainly all about food and dining, but really, what’s a dining experience without a decent aperitif? A wasted opportunity, that’s what. So as we headed out for dinner the other evening, we stopped in at The London Cocktail Club (LCC). Recommended to us by the wonderful new Barchick app (available to download at the iTunes App Store), LCC is based conveniently in the centre of London just on Gt Portland St.

Bearing in mind it was a bustling Friday evening when we descended into LCC’s basement bar, the barman, whilst seemingly mixing 20 drinks all at once, managed to notice our arrival and with a big broad smile warmly welcomed us to the bar and handed us a menu to select our drinks. Now, having frequented many a London bar over the years I am used to having to struggle to capture the attention of disenchanted bar staff in over-busy establishments for approximately 40 minutes before being served a drink. Therefore, it made for a refreshing change, to say the least, to walk into a bar that felt like a real-life Cheers set.

As well as great staff, LCC has a pretty exciting cocktail menu. We opted to start with a Bellini (for me) and an Old Fashioned (for D). My Bellini was like liquid silk. Served with a sprig of rosemary atop the glass to wave under your nose before drinking (to enhance the flavours in the cocktail) its soft and smooth refreshing flavours make it an ideal aperitif. D’s Old Fashioned was as luxurious to drink as it was to read on the menu.


Old Fashioned - Woodford Reserve bourbon stirred over ice with a hint of orange and bitters

After finishing those we found we still had time left before our dinner reservations for one more, so we moved onto the second page of the menu to the ‘Gastro Mixology’ section of the menu – a section which looks like it was conceived by Willy Wonka on a particularly intense acid trip with the Oompa-Loompas.

I opted for the tongue-in-cheek playful Oyster Bomb whilst D lingered over a Squid Ink Sour.

Oyster Bomb - Oyster shell floated with jagermeister & spiced red bull jelly

Squid Ink Sour - Tequila shaken with squid ink, citrus juice, sugar and whites

A short while later our rather wobbly legs lead us up and out to head to dinner, but not before I’d discovered the one distinct down-side to the seemingly perfect LCC; toilets that have been modeled on tiny aircraft toilets. That being said however, cramming yourself into a teeny facility is a small price to pay for the comfort of the warm reception and fantastic drinks on offer. Definitely worth a stop-in if you’re passing any evening.


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