A new addiction

Such is the all-consuming power of my new addiction, you will be able to tell from the accompanying photos that I was unable to resist the temptation to start scoffing away before pausing momentarily to take a photo. I’m not proud…But I am addicted.

Spinach & Agushi is a small Ghanian food company based in London. Founders (and couple) Lloyd and Adwoa Mensah-Hagan were runners up on the BBC2 show, ‘The Restaurant’ with Raymond Blanc.

They currently run 3 market stalls in London food markets, one in Exmouth market (just by my work!), one in Broadway market (just by my home!) and Portobello Road market (not convenient for me, but no doubt I’d still trek across London for them!).

Their food is good. It’s REALLY good. And,  I learnt on my last trip to Broadway market, they also cater!! Now I just need to find an excuse to have a big old party to get them to cook for me.

They serve a variety (3 or 4 normally) of stews and curries served with a spiced rice. Last time we decided to sample all 4.

They had on offer a spinach agushi stew, a spicy peanut chicken curry, a beef stew and a black eyed peas stew.

Previously I had tried the spicy peanut chicken curry and decided that would be my new last meal choice if ever I was unlucky enough to find myself on death row. This last time, I tried the beef stew, and consequently once more my last meal selection was left hanging in the balance. The beef stew is made with the most rich, moist and mouthwatering meatballs that are drenched in a thick, spicy and distinctive sauce. Just heavenly.

Their food is just so jam-packed with flavour you delight in every mouthful. It’s simply a joy to eat.

Spicy peanut chicken curry, spinach agushi stew and rice

Beef stew, black eyed peas curry and rice


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