Great British Chefs App

If there’s one thing I love almost as much as food, it’s my iPhone. If I could cover it in melted cheese and eat it, I would. I’m already often found fondling and licking my phone in dark corners, but that’s another story…

Consider my delight when I discovered there’s now an exquisite way to marry my two passions together in a lip-licking union. That union comes in the form of the Great British Chefs app, click here to visit the site. At £4.99 it’s not a cheap app, but considering I spent a good 1-2hrs captivated by it on the first exploration, I think that’s a more than fair price. I think, so far, Angry Birds is probably the only other app that has selfishly commanded so much of my attention and focus at any one time.

This app is perfect for food lovers and general admirers of chefs. Profiling 13 of the UK’s top working chefs each has a short and beautifully shot video where they talk about their passions (spoiler: it’s always food related!) and the techniques they employ in their kitchens.

Each has contributed a range of recipes spanning canapés, starters, fish course, mains, desserts, petit fours, the excitingly titled ‘inspirations’ and others. There’s also a section of handy hints in the form of short videos; learn how to correctly fillet a rabbit, or get meat out of a crab, or open a clam…the list is extensive.

For £4.99 I think this app is fantastic value. The fact that chefs like my hero Nuno Mendes (Viajante & Corner Room) have posted recipes for me to try (including the amazing mushroom truffle from Viajante!!) is reason enough to get this app. I can’t wait to get stuck in to trying some of the recipes. I just hope that they continue to add new, fresh and tantalising content to keep me coming back for more.

So, go on, treat yourself, download the app and set aside a couple of hours to delight in it. Just make sure you’ve got some decent food to hand because this will make you very peckish indeed.






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