Datte Foco

If you love pizza, and let’s be fair there’s something very wrong with you if you don’t, then you are going to seriously fall head over heels with Datte Foco in Stoke Newington, London.

Describing themselves as a ‘pizza and love joint’, Datte Foco are serving up some of the most authentic Italian pizza slices I’ve eaten in London. This is no ordinary pizza joint, they’re right about the ‘love’ part too – not only is it evident their food is prepared with nothing but a full heart and passion, but also this love is spread to their customers too. When we went in on a Saturday evening to grab a couple of slices to take home for supper I was delighted with the warm reception we received, especially when I asked if I could randomly start taking pictures of their food whilst they served me. A number of people arrived whilst we were there and everyone was greeted like an old friend -actually I imagine many of them were regulars as it’s impossible not to keep going back to this place.

The reason we ended up there that evening was because when I had woken up that morning, the very first thought to pop into my head was the idea of tucking into one of their slices of Italian sausage and Scamorza pizza. That little mind-worm just worked its way round and around in my brain all day long. I couldn’t beat the craving off with a stick, I just HAD to have it. It’s so dangerously moreish and tasty. To compliment the delicious (yet also somewhat fattening – but who’s counting?!?. It doesn’t count when it’s Italian!) Italian sausage and Scamorza options there are many others to choose from. My personal favourites have got to be the zucchini, the potato & rosemary and the aubergine with fresh tomato sauce and ricotta cheese; “from Italy of course!”.

For those who are partial to a bit of deep-fried rice, like I am – yes, I’m not ashamed! – then they also sell Suppli, which are just SO naughty, but outrageously tasty. Y’know, for the walk home…

If you happen to be in Stoke Newington, or even nearby – they deliver! – then be sure to pop in and pick up a slice (or 8!), I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Datte Foco: the pizza and I LOVE IT joint!


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