La Fromagerie – Marylebone – brunch




Seeing as how summer has almost entirely abandoned us in the UK, (yes, yes, believe it or not, this persistent rain and cold weather is in fact supposed to be August!) we are challenged yet again to come up with interesting activities that centre around being indoors. I have recently discovered a new such pastime. Next time it’s pouring with rain on a Sunday, which we can all confidently assume will be any future Sunday at present, you could treat yourself to a spot of brunch at La Fromagerie in Marylebone. Bring a little sunshine, and by that of course I mean cheese, into your day.

I have extolled the boundless virtues of La Fromagerie on my blog before, but that was the Highbury branch. I had not visited the Marylebone branch previously so had no idea that it’s approximately 5 times the size of the small (but perfectly formed) Highbury branch. As a result of the extra space, in the Marylebone store you can book a table and enjoy a wide range of mouth-watering delights from their admirable cheese and charcuterie plates, to varying fresh vegetables, salads and pastries. This is a perfect place to dive into on a rainy day and distract/comfort yourself for a while with what they have to offer. After feasting your way through their menu (although be warned their wine list is limited and not that inspiring), you can wander at your leisure around the shop and cheese-room, or even pop next door to the marvellous Ginger Pig butchers and pick up a fresh slab of meat for supper, if you still have room to eat after all that cheese!

I’m also reliably informed that there’s a fantastic farmers market opposite on a Sunday, although sadly I missed it as I waited until after brunch to go and by that time, 2pm, it had closed.

French cheeses plate


Terrine of Fois Gras & Black Truffle with toasted brioche



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