Friday Feasts

Despite working a mere 5 minute walk away, the Whitecross Street Market had, until last week, managed to evade my greedy radar.

But not any more! Every Monday to Friday from 11am to 3pm a host of stall holders open shop to sell a wide variety of delicious street food along with delicacies to take home. Battling my way through the crowds, dragging an exasperated colleague behind me who simply wanted to wander slowly and take it all in, I quickly took mental notes on all the stalls (plus their enormous queues) and hungrily looked for something to eat.

If you’re around the City/Barbican area on a Friday and have a spare hour, or indeed an hour for lunch, then head on over to Whitecross Street and treat yourself to something yummy. There’s everything from wild game stalls, to Italian food; Brazilian food; Thai food and Turkish, which is where we ended up. Joining a lengthy (but well managed/serviced) queue we grabbed ourselves a Turkish meatball and halloumi wrap. My colleague and I then, clutching our warm plunder tightly to our chests, bulldozed our way back out of the crowds to feast on our wraps. They were delicious and well worth the battle and wait to get them.

Turkish wraps warming on the grill


There are plenty of other non-fast food stalls also, where you can pick up some nice treats for home/gifts, including the lovely Smy Chutney stand. – “It’s not YOUR chutney, it-SMY chutney!” the owner enthused. She’s got a point though, I don’t think I’d let anyone steal mine.



Well worth a visit if you’re in the area and hungry.


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