The Corner Room – Revisited


Having referenced The Corner Room in my review of A Little Bit Of What You Fancy the other day, I decided I’d best substantiate my claim that The Corner Room is better value for money, so I took myself back down there for dinner on Wednesday evening to put it to the test.

After relaxing with an aperitif in The Corner Room’s new achingly stylish, but incredibly cosy, bar we headed through to the equally stylish dining room to eat. For starters I opted for the Ham Hock with Watercress & Pickle. When it arrived I grinned like a fool. It looked simply wonderful. Such consideration had gone into the presentation, not to mention the consideration of flavours. With tangy pickles, peppery watercress and sweet, juicy lumps of ham hock nestled underneath the leaves, this dish ticks all the boxes for a delicious starter that whets your appetite for what’s coming next. The balance of flavours in this dish is just spot on. No need to request bread either as sourdough and walnut bread, served with salted butter are served as standard.


Moving on to the mains, the first thing we noticed is that the most expensive dish on The Corner Room’s mains menu is £14, which is quite remarkable for what you get in return. For mains we selected Onglet Steak with Celeriac and Pine (£13) and the Cod & Clam Porridge (£13). The food at The Corner Room is not just gorgeous to look at, but also utterly divine to eat. For what is essentially gastro-pub prices you get a very high standard dining experience, with a lead from the enormously successful and extraordinary Viajante restaurant located downstairs.



The Corner Room has a good wine list also, and I’d personally recommend the Family Schroeder “Saurus Select” Malbec 2010.

For dessert, we had the selection of British cheeses. They were delicious, in particular the Wigmore cheese. The cheeses were served with golden, crispy crackers and a moreish quince paste. We also treated ourselves to a glass of port with the cheese. A perfect end to an almost perfect meal.



The incredibly reasonable bill we were presented with at the end concluded, for me, the argument as to why I’d always pick somewhere like The Corner Room over ALBOWYF. It’s not just the fact that each course was cheaper than at ALBOWYF, but for me, it’s all about the quality of the food and the dining experience, not to mention value for money. In my opinion, The Corner Room wins, hands down on all fronts, each time.


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