Detox hell


Photo credit – the wonderful Paul Winch Furness food photographer.

For the past 3 years, D and I have subjected ourselves to an annual detox. Primarily done as a means of losing weight after the excessively greedy Xmas period, from the first day of work in January until the 20th of February, we abstain from alcohol, dairy, bread, pasta, potatoes, fatty meats etc, and give ourselves over entirely to what is essentially a Japanese style diet (without the sheer joy of fried Katsu mind you).

During this time we also exercise like we’ve gone stark raving mad. It’s can be quite a harrowing trial to discover this enormity of time you normally spend eating and drinking needs to be replaced somehow. Inevitably it means cramming in exercise in order to avoid spending time drooling all over the shop windows of patisseries and fromageries in town.

Our long and hungry nights are spent like castaways stuck on a deserted island, torturing ourselves with conversations of what our first meals will consist of when we emerge from this desolate detox island we’re currently trapped on.

It certainly doesn’t help that programmes such as Masterchef and How to Cook like Heston are currently airing on television. I actually caught a single, solitary tear rolling down my cheek as I watched, longingly, the ‘Cheese’ episode of Heston’s series. Oh God….cheese…*sob*.

Food is EVERYWHERE! Apart from in my face of course. It’s made all the more difficult because it means I don’t really get a chance to blog during this time. Try as I might, I’m not sure I could ever make the topic of miso soup every night for supper sound interesting.

I have become worryingly obsessed with reading recipe books – by which I mean sitting gawping and salivating at the photographs. I’ve also been avidly following the Instagram entries of people like Rocket&Squash, PaulWF and FoodByMark (sorry, can’t find a link so you’ll just have to search him on Instagram).

Now, thanks to a dear colleague, I have two further destinations for my masochistic behaviour. He’s introduced me to the sites FoodPornDaily, the unapologetic attempt to get you headbutting your screen in an attempt to get at the delicious food inside like some kind of wild animal, and the beautifully presented TasteSpotting site, which is a blog aggregator designed to pull in all the blogs consisting of the very best food photography. For now I can’t even begin to feel upset at how my pitiful photography attempts will never make it onto the radar of TasteSpotting, because I’m just happy staring at the photos whilst quietly licking the salty tears spilling down my cheeks.

Bear with me…I have one week to go and then the gorging will commence once more!

TasteSpotting site.

FoodPornDaily site.


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