Bourne & Hollingsworth


A quick, and not too detailed, recommendation. But, a recommendation all the same.

I am really terrible for knowledge of decent drinking establishments in the West End of London. If you’re looking for a drink in the City area then I’m your gal. Once West of Holborn however I normally seem to end up in sticky-floored, stale-smelling dens that leave you wishing to request a handful of antiseptic Wet Wipes with your drink. 

Recently, to celebrate my birthday, a good friend (who’s worked in the West End for the past 15 or so years), invited me over his way for a drink. I immediately took to the internet to find a suitable place to go, but was left with a pretty measly and untested list.

Thankfully however, my friend decided to take the lead and told me to meet him at the Fitzroy Tavern (a reliably busy boozer where we’d once spent the evening slamming flaming sambucas down our throats). I made my way there and upon arriving my friend announced that the Fitzroy Tavern was “no place for celebrating Jonesy’s birthday” and whisked me off down the street to the much more ‘appropriate’ cellar cocktail bar, Bourne & Hollingsworth.

I hadn’t been, nor was even aware of this place, but I’m pleased to say I know it now, and it’s gone straight to the top of my list for places to drink in the West End.

It’s a small, one room, bar with a distinctly kitsch feel about it. The range of cocktails is playful and attractive, with some coming served in florally decorated teacups and saucers. Bourne & Hollingsworth plays to so many of the current trends in London.

Speakeasy? Tick

Vintage style? Tick

Good quality cocktails? Tick.

The good thing is though that it manages it all without being nauseatingly pretentious, or full of achingly hipstery people. It’s just a nice place, that’s quite fun and quirky and serves nice cocktails.

Their website doesn’t give too much away (not sure if that’s due to playing up to the Speakeasy bit or not) but here’s the link anyway.

Nearest tubes are Tottenham Court Road or Goodge St.

Oh, and if you have any good recommendations for nice places to drink in the West End then please do post them below. I’d love to know some more…



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