Santa Maria

By now, word may well have reached you (whether you live in London or Timbuktu), that a pizzeria by the name of Santa Maria is causing quite a stir in London. Thanks to Time Out awarding it one of the best pizza places in London, and even getting in on the act with naming it one of the top 5 pizza restaurants, Santa Maria has been building up quite a fan base since it opened in 2010.

If you’ve been lucky enough to eat pizza in Naples, you’ll know that it’s rather a special experience. It’s a million miles from stuffed crusts and sneeze-guarded salad bars, and thank heavens for it. Proper Neapolitan pizza has a thin base, with a fluffy, crispy crust around the outside. The dough is so light and thin that it barely manages to hold in the full-flavoured, yet simple, fresh, ingredients that make up the topping. It’s a little bit of heaven, truly.

If you haven’t got the time to nip to Naples, but can make it down to Ealing, then really you won’t be missing out on the pizza eating experience. These guys can REALLY make a good pizza. Worryingly I have recently started a new job in Ealing too, which means that I’ll be spending far too much time here. I’ve already had to sign up to a local gym, purely to compensate for all the times I’ll nip down to Santa Maria to grab a pizza on the way home.

I can’t begin to tell you how good these pizzas are, so I shall leave it to my photos to do the talking for me. I will just say however that you should go. No, you MUST go. And, if you think you’ve already had good pizza, be ready to have your world well and truly rocked!

Before @ 3:05pm

After @ 3:15pm

Santa Maria is a 5-10 min walk from Ealing Broadway. You can’t book however and it is quite a small restaurant, so be prepared to have a bit of a wait if you go during peak times. Whatever you do though, don’t give up the wait and decide to leave – it’ll be the worst mistake you ever made.


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