Feeding in Boston,MA


Recently I was sent to the US with work. My trip involved spending a couple of days in Boston. As someone who much prefers to take recommendations for where to eat, I was feeling a little unsure as I headed out there with no recommendations, and no idea where to get a good meal.

On the second day, and once I was in the company of the great folks at our partner company, a lovely colleague lead me to a Asian diner for lunch. Having been unsuccessful at finding anything half way decent myself, I was excited at the prospect of finally finding something good to eat.

He took me to a little place called Myers & Chang. The brainchild of couple Joanne and Christopher (both well experienced in the restaurant trade), Myers & Chang was opened when the couple realised there was a distinct lack of anywhere in Boston to get decent Asian fusion cuisine.

Having not had noodles for at least 3 days I was getting twitchy, so I ordered a portion of beef and broccoli chow fun, my colleague ordered chicken & rapini stir fry, and also insisted upon us sharing a portion of pork belly buns. There was no way I was turning that suggestion down. Myers & Chang was just the remedy I needed for the homesickness of being away from London’s restaurants. It was absolutely delicious, full of flavour and topped off with a very warm and friendly staff. If I’d have had more time in Boston I would have certainly gone back probably each and every day to work through the menu. However, as it is, I’ll just have to hang on until I hopefully get sent out there again. If you’re in Boston and looking for a tasty bite to eat then I’d recommend you head to Myers & Chang as soon as you can.





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