What to cook when you’ve been awake for 30 hours straight.


The answer? Something quick and easy, yet tasty.

Although my trip to Boston was a great success, my flight home was not. An overnight flight where I had the grand total of 0 mins sleep, followed by a full day’s work meant that by tea-time on Friday my head was orbiting somewhere around 20,000ft above the rest of my body. I knew I needed to eat but couldn’t figure out how on earth to cook. Pasta is always my go-to ingredient when I need something quick and delicious, as it’s so easy to make something that tastes good.

And it doesn’t get much simpler, or delicious, than this…



1 inch long end of Jesus a l’ancienne salami (can find in Waitrose), diced into 1/2cm cubes
100g fresh spinach, washed
100g shelled broad beans
Fresh Parmesan, grated
Good quality extra virgin olive oil (to taste)
200g pennette riagate



1. Put a saucepan of salted water on to boil
2. Warm a large, flat bottomed frying pan over a medium heat
3. When the water is boiling, add the pasta and cook on a rolling boil for 8 mins (try to make al dente)
4. In the meantime, add the salami to the dry frying pan with some freshly ground pepper and stir through until warm for a couple of minutes
5. 2 mins before the pasta is finished, add the broad beans to the boiling water
6. Add the spinach to the pan with the salami and stir through until just wilting
7. Drain the pasta and beans and run under cold water for 30 secs
8. Add the pasta and beans to the pan with the salami and spinach, and stir thoroughly
9. When warmed through, drizzle with a good helping of extra virgin olive oil
10. Serve in a bowl with grated parmesan to taste


Then sleep….


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