Ramen at Bone Daddies

Hello feeders.

It’s been far too long since I last did a blog post and I have missed it. The main reason for this being the recent discovery that there’s a mini feeder on its way, and as a result I have been in a state of perpetual tiredness over the past couple of months and have not ventured out so much to restaurants. For once my belly is not expanding rapidly as a primary result of eating too much.

Hopefully now however, as I regain a bit more energy, I’ll be getting out more frequently.

To kick things off I dragged some friends along to Bone Daddies last night. On recommendation from another friend who knows a thing or two about Japanese food, I decided we’d head there. What better way to deal with a dark and dank wintery Tuesday evening than to dive (head-first) into a steaming bowl of ramen?

Arriving embarrassingly early, I attempted to wander around the shops on Oxford St to waste some time, but the crappy weather and even crappier crowds sent me headed towards Bone Daddies earlier than expected. They had warned me to arrive earlier than 7pm if possible as it tends to get rather busy after that point (this is yet another of those rather annoying places that shuns a booking policy). I arrived around 6:30pm and wandered in to be greeted by an incredibly friendly team of waiting staff who were all keen to cater to my every whim. I did the typically annoying thing of sitting myself at a table, then moments later deciding to move across the restaurant to another place, and there wasn’t the slightest chink in their happy attitudes as they all pitched in to help me move tables.

Once eventually settled I ordered a cup of warming Oolong Tea and was delighted when it arrived moments later, not too weak, not too strong….just perfect. Covered in drizzle rain and a chill from outside it was just the ticket to warm me through whilst I waited. As I waited roughly 20mins for my friends to arrive the staff were attentive, but not suffocating as some can tend to be when you’re sat alone in a restaurant. I had plenty of time to peruse the menu and was delighted to see that they stick to what they know best, ramen. Nothing more, nothing less. I was excited by the options of ramen alone, despite having been well briefed by my friend to order the Tonkotsu Ramen with it’s 20 hour pork bone broth. I started to stare intently at the door willing my friends to arrive so we could get on with the ordering.

When everyone was finally in,we ordered a selection of snack starters – fried chicken, salmon sashimi, edamame and soft shell crab. I have to pause momentarily to collect myself before I can begin to tell you about the fried chicken….


…it was SO good I’m almost convinced that the Church of England would agree to it being ordained as a bishop. Small, juicy bites of battered chicken in what we assume was a miso batter based on it’s salty and hearty flavour. Utterly divine. We all agreed we could happily have ordered several more portions before the mains even arrived. It was even suggested to our waiter that they hurry up and start doing take away versions so that we could all quench our emerging addiction in future. The salmon sashimi was also very notable in a delicious shiso and lime soy sauce and crunchy little balls of bubu arare sprinkled on top. The soft shell crab was less meaty than I had hoped for but was still tasty enough.

Then it was on to the mains. I had opted (unsurprisingly) for the Tonkotsu Ramen with chashu pork with its outrageously rich 20 hour pork bone broth.  My friends had the Tantanmen (chilli, pork mince and bok choy in chicken bone broth) and the Tantanmen 2 (same as before but with chicken mince instead). All came served with a soft boiled Tonkotsu egg, bamboo and bean sprouts. For a short period of time there was silence at our table as broth and noodles were slurped hungrily. Then the chorus of appreciations began. Each dish was a roaring success. The Tonkotsu was every bit as good as I’d expected, however the broth is incredibly rich and I found I was defeated by two thirds of the way through my bowl – this could also be due to the fact that I’d gorged myself on the fried chicken beforehand though…

Tonkotsu ramen

All in all Bone Daddies was a real hit. Cool interiors, enthusiastic and pleasant staff, great ramen, unbelieveably moreish fried chicken….if there was one negative I feel I must warn you about however it would be that I wouldn’t go there if (like me) you had some serious catching up to do with friends. Although we were never once pressured by the staff to hurry up and move along, the seating is really designed for a quick bite as I had started to find the tall wooden stools incredibly uncomfortable after we’d been there a while. That being said a few more portions of that chicken and my backside would be suitably padded to allow me to stay there all night!

Bone Daddies is located at 31 Peter St, London W1F. Nearest tube is Piccadilly Circus or Oxford St.


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