Sunday supper at The Thatched House


I’ve been reading some really great things about The Thatched House in Hammersmith lately. Firstly, Hot Dinners rated it as one of the best local places to eat in West London, Chris Pople added it to his foodie tube map as the place to visit in Hammersmith, and I read on their website that food writer and now emerging chef extraordinare Rocket & Squash was taking over the kitchen for a night recently. All in all, by my estimations, these factors contribute to a fairly strong recommedation to head down there and see what it’s all about. So, last night we pitched up for a Sunday supper.

First off, I have to say that this is a super looking pub. Having sat in solid traffic for an hour attempting to drive there, by the time we arrived my patience was at it’s frayed edge. The moment we stepped through the door however I breathed a sigh of relief as the warm and welcoming environment drew me in and stroked my hair to make it all better. Spotting some Irish folk singers performing in far corner my hackles were initially raised, but after a moment’s contemplation I realised that (a) they weren’t actually that loud and (b) they were really rather good. Anticipating the place being utterly heaving, I was surprised to see that it was actually rather empty for a Sunday evening, but at least it meant we got a good table and were seen to quickly.

As I was ‘off the booze’  I shamefully didn’t pay much attention to what’s on offer, but there were Doombars and Malbecs ordered at my table, both of which please me. I stuck with a pint of lemonade however. Whoop de doo.

The menu looked promising to start with Sipsmith Sloe Gin Cured Salmon and Venison & Wild Boar Terrine amongst the starters on offer, then it lead into what was by all accounts a pretty decent looking pub food menu. There were 3 roasts on offer – West Country Beef; Loin of Dingley Dell Pork and Half Roast Free Range Chicken. The roasts looked incredible as they were being rolled out from the kitchens. Huge, towering piles of meat, cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, broccoli, mash and Yorkshire puddings the size of a child’s baseball mitt! It was all too much for one of our party and they committed, upon first sight, to having the pork roast.

The mains are made up of a variety of ‘Pub Classics’ from Pie of the Day, to Angus Beef Burger and Sausage & Mash, along with some other tempting looking offers including Pork Loin Schnitzel, Cheddar & Gruyere Macaroni Cheese and Salmon & Cod Fishcake with Poached Egg, Buttered Spinach and Hollandaise Sauce.

I opted for a Pork Pie starter and the Pork Schnitzel for main (Sunday = pork day clearly). Other orders from our table included the Sloe Gin Cured Salmon, Prawn Cocktail, Shepherds Pie, Macaroni Cheese and Pork Roast.

I must admit I did fear ordering a Pork Pie for starters that I’d end up kicking myself relentlessly as other, more exciting looking starters arrived. But I needn’t have worried. It was possibly one of the best pork pies I’ve ever had. I’m not a fan of pork pies with chunky, coarse fillings and huge globs of jelly, so this was just perfect for me. The pastry was fantastic and I could have happily polished off another straight after.

My main however was rather less impressive. Although the pork loin was indeed tasty and moist inside the crunchy golden breadcrumbs, the fries were bland, mostly tepid at best in temperature and the pickles were on the dry side. The whole plate was gasping for a bit of sauce, yet sadly none was on offer. The other mains seemed to go down a storm however. The monolithic tower of food known as the Roast managed to defeat its wide-eyed victim despite a noteworthy battle effort, the Macaroni Cheese was rapidly polished off accompanied by some highly appreciative noises, and the Shepherds Pie was utterly demolished.


With bellies full, we passed on the desserts, although the Dark Chocolate Tart with Honeycomb Icecream is still quietly calling to me…

The staff were friendly and helpful and added to the overall welcoming sense of the pub. All in all The Thatched House is a bit of a find in Hammersmith (which to be fair is not known for its share of notable eateries). Yes, my main was a bit of a let down in the end, but the rest of the food seemed to win everyone round. It’s an extremely comfortable and nice looking pub that serves decent food. That’s no bad thing, and it’s certainly a welcome addition to my local places to eat/drink.

The Thatched House is located on Dalling Road, W6. Nearest tube is Ravenscourt Park.


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