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Those of you who have read previous posts on here will know that I’m rather a big fan of pizza. Sadly I wasn’t born one of those people who crave fresh fruit, or soy beans, or broccoli. My cross to bear is my constant craving for doughy bases smothered in delicious sauces, piles of cheese and a variety of meats and vegetables. Granted, broccoli may well be one of them…

Given my obsession, and my good fortune with having spent time feeding my face with pizza in Naples, I am somewhat fussy when it comes to the pizza I’ll indulge in. I’m a big fan of places like Datte Foco in Stoke Newington and Santa Maria in Ealing, and now, The Oak in Westbourne Park.  

So, what’s so special about The Oak?

Well, for me, the primary reason why The Oak has shot to second place on my ‘Top Places to Feed on Pizza in London’ listing is the fact they offer a pizza with nduja on it! That’s reason enough to make this a regular haunt in my book. I just love the fiery wee nduja sausage and to have it served atop a pizza is sheer nirvana in my opinion. Their bases are light, thin with just the right balance of chew and crunch to them.

The Oak is a brilliant place to go and grab a bite to eat with friends of an evening. A very comfortable and tastefully decorated old pub, they serve up a seriously impressive looking, Italian inspired, menu. Sadly however, I fear the lure of their wood-fired pizzas will ensure that I simply never order anything else from the menu. It’s a real shame however as dishes such as Pan Fried John Dory, Chorizo, Salt Cod & Chickpea Stew and Pan Fried Pork Tenderloin Fillet with Risotto Milanese & Salsa Rossa would normally really tickle my fancy on a menu.

The downside is that you can’t book (surprise, ruddy surprise these days!), and it does get very busy later on in the evening. We went last Tuesday however and arrived around 7pm. We were in time to get a good table, but it was a lot busier within an hour of us arriving. At weekends I’d recommend you get there as early as possible to secure a table.

Anyway, enough about that, back to the pizza…

I’ll let the photos do the talking for this, but in all seriousness, get along there when you can and try them. They are absolutely delicious, and if you don’t order the Calabrese with nduja salami, gorgonzola cheese and red peppers when you’re there, then there’s no hope for you I’m afraid.

Also, it’s worth leaving room for the dessert menu. The treacle tart and clotted cream is an absolute must to round off the carb fest.

Calabrese close up

Calabrese close up




Zucchini: tomato, mozzarella, chargrilled zucchini, salted ricotta, wild rocket, truffle oil

Zucchini: tomato, mozzarella, chargrilled zucchini, salted ricotta, wild rocket, truffle oil

Stagioni: tomato, mozzarella, roast ham, black olives, mushrooms, artichoke

Stagioni: tomato, mozzarella, roast ham, black olives, mushrooms, artichoke

The Oak is located on Westbourne Park Road, approximately 5mins walk from Westbourne Park tube station on the Hammersmith & City and Circle lines.


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