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Sticks N Sushi UK


Before the arrival of Baby Edie, D & I took the (reluctant) decision to move from central London out to the ‘burbs. Try as you might, there’s an instinct that takes over when you have a kid and you start to crave being near big, green, open spaces – thinking that it will provide your spawn with a much more healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. There’s probably a lot of merit in it (and once she starts to have a bit of a clue about her surroundings I’m sure she’ll thank us for it), but as city dwellers it made D and I rather nervous. Now, don’t get me wrong Wimbledon is hardly the Outer Hebrides, but to us it signalled a shift across a relatively large chasm one approaches in life – when you stop being a happy-go-lucky ‘look at me I have disposable income to fritter on fine dining type’ and become the button-down ‘let’s save it for a special occasion’ sensible suburbanites type.

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Mother in residence



It’s been a while since I’ve blogged and the photo above will go some of the way to explaining why I’ve been quiet of late. I’m thrilled to introduce you to Edith Loveday Garratt – our very lovely daughter. Since Edie was born 3 months ago I’ve spent more time feeding and burping someone other than myself for a change. I have now however started to venture out to eat once more and in my sleep-deprived haze I’ve taken the decision to start blogging again. It’s good to be back…

Really lovely films

For the first time on this blog I’m going to bring a bit of the design world I work in, into the food world. This stop-animation film has been doing the rounds on Facebook recently and I think it’s just the most lovely, funny piece of creative work.

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Hawksmoor – Spitalfields

Fillet Steak

Could this be the best steak in London?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Hawksmoor holding the title of Best Steak Restaurant in London. Not one to fall foul to potentially idle gossip, I decided the only thing to do was to go there myself, eat until I almost burst and make my own judgement.

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Fennel and Pecorino muffins

Fennel & Pecorino muffins

So, before you think this blog is all about me swanning around Italy eating in nice restaurants (and I won’t deny, I’m selfishly hoping that a fair amount of it will be…) I thought I’d actually do some cooking.

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4 reasons to love Bologna in March – despite the weather

Welcome to Bologna - March 2011

Strapping myself in to my seat, after boarding our flight to Bologna last week, I listened intently to the pilot’s welcome announcement and joined the entire flight in gasping in horror when he announced that Bologna had been drenched in snow the previous night. I started to panic, I had not packed for snow! Then, slowly it dawned on me…the worse the weather is in Bologna, the better the reason for spending all of your time in trattorias, osterias and food markets sampling plenty of what Bologna does best – FOOD! Below are a collections of reasons to be cheerful in an otherwise bleak mid-season Bologna….enjoy….I sure did….

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