Sunday supper at The Thatched House


I’ve been reading some really great things about The Thatched House in Hammersmith lately. Firstly, Hot Dinners rated it as one of the best local places to eat in West London, Chris Pople added it to his foodie tube map as the place to visit in Hammersmith, and I read on their website that food writer and now emerging chef extraordinare Rocket & Squash was taking over the kitchen for a night recently. All in all, by my estimations, these factors contribute to a fairly strong recommedation to head down there and see what it’s all about. So, last night we pitched up for a Sunday supper.

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Ramen at Bone Daddies

Hello feeders.

It’s been far too long since I last did a blog post and I have missed it. The main reason for this being the recent discovery that there’s a mini feeder on its way, and as a result I have been in a state of perpetual tiredness over the past couple of months and have not ventured out so much to restaurants. For once my belly is not expanding rapidly as a primary result of eating too much.

Hopefully now however, as I regain a bit more energy, I’ll be getting out more frequently.

To kick things off I dragged some friends along to Bone Daddies last night. On recommendation from another friend who knows a thing or two about Japanese food, I decided we’d head there. What better way to deal with a dark and dank wintery Tuesday evening than to dive (head-first) into a steaming bowl of ramen?

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What to cook when you’ve been awake for 30 hours straight.


The answer? Something quick and easy, yet tasty.

Although my trip to Boston was a great success, my flight home was not. An overnight flight where I had the grand total of 0 mins sleep, followed by a full day’s work meant that by tea-time on Friday my head was orbiting somewhere around 20,000ft above the rest of my body. I knew I needed to eat but couldn’t figure out how on earth to cook. Pasta is always my go-to ingredient when I need something quick and delicious, as it’s so easy to make something that tastes good.

And it doesn’t get much simpler, or delicious, than this…
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Feeding in Boston – the sequel.


Last week I was back over in Boston for business. Fortunately on this visit I had more opportunity to explore the variety of feeding holes this fine city has to offer. I am completely and utterly smitten with Boston. Although it’s not know for its fine dining necessarily, the city has a lot of good food to offer, as well as being very clean, cool and friendly.
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Kerbisher & Malt


I don’t know about you, but fish and chips is one of those meals that I crave on a fairly regular basis. Maybe it’s deep rooted in my personal history – I grew up close to the seaside where armies of chip eating Londoners would retreat to whenever the sun came out, so there were plenty of fish and chip shops around as I grew up. Or maybe it’s just that the aroma of salt and vinegar has a spell-binding effect on most people, young and old, and convinces us that we must fill our bellies full of deep-fried foods immediately.

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Upstairs at The Ten Bells

I’m conscious that I’m liable to make myself even more unpopular than I already am with this particular review, as Upstairs at The Ten Bells has been proving so popular of late. However, in an effort to provide an unbiased view, I feel I’ve got to be honest.

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A masterclass at Wahaca

If you’re anything like me you love to compile endless lists of Top 5’s. Top 5 flavours of icecream; Top 5 movies; Top 5 songs; Top 5 songs to listen to whilst compiling Top 5 list of songs….you get the picture.

One such list is a ‘Top 5 things I can always eat, even if I’m sick/not hungry/likely dead’. On this particular list features Wahaca’s refried beans or ‘little pots of crack’ as I prefer to think of them. Whenever friends and I visit Wahaca, and everyone begins to order under the collaborative principle of sharing, I insist on over-ordering refried beans and then I’m guaranteed to always have a pot put by me. I will then guard that pot like a rabid pitbull, ensuring I don’t have to share it with anyone else.

So, imagine my excitement when I got invited down to a cookery demo at Westfield Stratford’s branch of Wahaca recently to meet Thomasina Miers, the cartel drug-lord of refried beans, and get shown how to cook some Wahaca favourites. My heart skipped a beat – oh, sweet lord, what if she shows us how to make refried beans…

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Feeding in Cincinnati


Before my recent trip to the US, I was concerned about where I was going to eat during my 7 nights in Cincinnati. Having never been there before I had no idea where to start…
Internet searches weren’t delivering much as I didn’t know the City and/or areas to go.

This is intended to be a guide for those visiting Cincinnati for the first time and facing the same concern I was. Short reviews and suggestions coming up…

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Feeding in Boston,MA


Recently I was sent to the US with work. My trip involved spending a couple of days in Boston. As someone who much prefers to take recommendations for where to eat, I was feeling a little unsure as I headed out there with no recommendations, and no idea where to get a good meal.
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After the disappointment of attempting ‘posh curry’ at Trishna not too long ago, I was dubious about heading over to Notting Hill to try London’s latest upmarket Indian offering.

Walking in and spotting the glamourous, plush interior I became even more concerned. I’m a big fan of the likes of Tayyabs in East London where the decor is about as inviting as the service (rams tongue in cheek), but the addictive quality of the food is what lures you back there time and time again. In my mind a good curry doesn’t need to come in gilt-edged packaging.
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