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Enid’s – Williamsburg, NY. #TheBigFeed part1


Two weeks ago. I arrived in New York to attend a work conference for a few days. After 36 years, I’d finally made it to New York. Given my ‘delicate condition’ these days I could hardly look forward to long nights spent in penthouse bars necking cocktails until dawn, nor could I locate any disposable income to spend on vast quantities of clothes, as the term ‘disposable income’ ceased to exist to me approximately 6 months ago.

I could however still feed. And feed I did. The next few blog posts will highlight a few of the places I got to try out whilst in NY and in between meetings/conference attending.

We’ll kick off on the Sunday morning I spent in Brooklyn. Fortunately I have friends and family living in NY, so I wasn’t completely at a loss on the non-work days. This particular Sunday I was invited over to Williamsburg by a couple of friends, to meet for brunch (a rather trendy thing to do in that part of town it would seem). I caught the subway over from mid-town and found myself in an area not dissimilar in population to Shoreditch in London. Lots of cool, designer types hanging out drinking coffee and cruising flea markets. It felt like home from home.

On their recommendation we headed to Enid’s for something to eat. We had originally intended to eat at Heath Ledger’s place (the name escapes me), but sadly it seemed so had most of NY. The approx hour long wait we were quoted left us less than inspired, so the call was made to go to Enid’s instead. A decision I was to grow exceptionally grateful to them for.

Although a half hour wait awaited us at Enid’s, at least there was a bar area where we could comfortably perch ourselves and have a few drinks whilst we waited. The kitchsy, dark wood interior felt familiar, as did the teams of young, cool folks digging into pancake stacks and poached eggs. When we finally sat at our table I had seen enough plates pass me by to have built up a furious appetite. The menu at Enid’s suddenly distinguished it from it’s Shoreditch cousins over the sea. The selection of dishes looked exciting, enticing and utterly steps ahead of brunch menus in most of London.

I opted for a twist on eggs benedict which was two poached eggs served atop pulled pork resting on grilled corn-bread wedges, served with a side of rice and beans. One of my friends opted for the same whilst the other chose the smoked catfish cakes with eggs, smoked American bacon and tartar sauce. It was, without doubt one of the best brunches I have ever eaten. My plate was bursting with flavour and really hit the spot with me.



I had sauntered in there, arrogantly predicting that this was to be a meal I would easily be able to find somewhere in the twin district of Shoreditch, but I left surprised, delighted and with my tail firmly stuck between my legs. Oh Enid’s how I wish I could have visited you this morning…and then tomorrow…and the next day.

Enid’s is open for Sunday brunch from 10am – 4pm and is located at 560 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn.

P.S – If you happen to make it to Enid’s, I’m confidently assured that their burgers are up there with the absolute best you can find. Almost worth booking a flight back out for…


La Fromagerie – Marylebone – brunch




Seeing as how summer has almost entirely abandoned us in the UK, (yes, yes, believe it or not, this persistent rain and cold weather is in fact supposed to be August!) we are challenged yet again to come up with interesting activities that centre around being indoors. I have recently discovered a new such pastime. Continue reading