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Sushi school


On Friday evening I was lucky enough to attend a ‘Dinner Party Sushi’ cookery class at Sozai cookery school, through The Japan Society. Focused on teaching some of the basics including how to make perfect sushi rice, this 120 minute class is a great way to spend an evening learning how to make 4 impressive-looking sushi pieces, whilst getting to eat them along the way. Needless to say I didn’t leave with a tray-full of sushi as most of the students did.
(NB: the photograph above shows the teacher’s efforts – mine never all sat in the tray together before they fell into my mouth)
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Dinner @PerkinReveller


Several years ago now I used to work in the City. In the interests of full disclosure I had nothing to do with finances, nor did I wear a suit. I worked for an event management company that just happened to have an office squirrelled away in the historical back streets area of the City of London.

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After the disappointment of attempting ‘posh curry’ at Trishna not too long ago, I was dubious about heading over to Notting Hill to try London’s latest upmarket Indian offering.

Walking in and spotting the glamourous, plush interior I became even more concerned. I’m a big fan of the likes of Tayyabs in East London where the decor is about as inviting as the service (rams tongue in cheek), but the addictive quality of the food is what lures you back there time and time again. In my mind a good curry doesn’t need to come in gilt-edged packaging.
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Salt Yard

There are good and bad sides to writing a food blog. The good being that you always have a valid excuse to go out for dinner and try something new, the bad (sometimes) being that your dinner guests expect to be overwhelmingly impressed by the venue you select when you invite them out for dinner. There’s inevitably raised eyebrows and pursed lips if you suggest that you just ‘nip to Wagamamas’ for a quick bite.
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I had the day off last Thursday and decided to indulge in lunch at the über-cool Sketch in Central London. The brain-child of restauranter Mourad Mazouz and chef Pierre Gagnaire, Sketch was conceived as a solution to fulfilling their dream of having a desirable destination for food, art and music.

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First things first, if the above picture isn’t reason enough for you to visit Spanish tapas restaurant Iberica, based on Goodge St in London, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Iberica has a reputation for being a somewhat ‘special’ Tapas restaurant and it’s easy to tell why when you arrive. I was expecting a cosy and dark lit Spanish style cantina, however what I found was a bright, open, contemporary-styled, glass walled restaurant. As we hurried in to escape the rain outside the hostess greeted us with a smiley “Hola!” and asked for our names. Being a few minutes early we were invited to have a drink at the bar, which we willingly accepted. We opted for a glass of Cava and after a few minutes of pleasant chat with the barmaid, we were lead off to our table upstairs.  Continue reading

London Cocktail Club

London Cocktail Club

This blog is mainly all about food and dining, but really, what’s a dining experience without a decent aperitif? A wasted opportunity, that’s what. So as we headed out for dinner the other evening, we stopped in at The London Cocktail Club (LCC). Recommended to us by the wonderful new Barchick app (available to download at the iTunes App Store), LCC is based conveniently in the centre of London just on Gt Portland St.

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Viva la Viajante

Viajante - London, E2

You’d be mistaken for thinking you’d come to the wrong address as you journey to the fine-dining establishment – Viajante. Inconspicuously nestled in amongst it’s fried-chicken outlet neighbours, the old Town Hall building doesn’t immediately offer suggestion as to its well-heeled inhabitants. When I say ‘well-heeled’ mind you I mean more United Nude heels than Louboutin heels as this is well and truly the home of the Shoreditch set.

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First big feed of the year – Trullo

I recall only two times in my life, so far, when Italian food has sent me stratospheric with culinary pleasure and appreciation. The first was when I visited Drogheria Della Rosa in Bologna where the lasagna was one of the most sublime things I had ever tasted. Second, when I ate at Ristorante Il Cantuccio Di Franco Maria Vincenza in the ancient town of Matera in the Basilicata region. Both restaurants wholly encompass what makes Italian food so fantastic; the principle of ‘less is more’.By using simple, local, fresh, seasonal produce they both create dishes that simply blow the mind, and the palette, of the diner.

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