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Pizza perfection @TheOakLondon


Those of you who have read previous posts on here will know that I’m rather a big fan of pizza. Sadly I wasn’t born one of those people who crave fresh fruit, or soy beans, or broccoli. My cross to bear is my constant craving for doughy bases smothered in delicious sauces, piles of cheese and a variety of meats and vegetables. Granted, broccoli may well be one of them…

Given my obsession, and my good fortune with having spent time feeding my face with pizza in Naples, I am somewhat fussy when it comes to the pizza I’ll indulge in. I’m a big fan of places like Datte Foco in Stoke Newington and Santa Maria in Ealing, and now, The Oak in Westbourne Park.  

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Santa Maria

By now, word may well have reached you (whether you live in London or Timbuktu), that a pizzeria by the name of Santa Maria is causing quite a stir in London. Thanks to Time Out awarding it one of the best pizza places in London, and even FT.com getting in on the act with naming it one of the top 5 pizza restaurants, Santa Maria has been building up quite a fan base since it opened in 2010.

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Datte Foco

If you love pizza, and let’s be fair there’s something very wrong with you if you don’t, then you are going to seriously fall head over heels with Datte Foco in Stoke Newington, London.

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