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Portugese Custard Tarts


Recently I’ve developed a bit of a girl crush on Recipe Rifle and her fantastic blog. Regardless of the fact she makes delicious looking cakes and treats, I’m captivated by her very real accounts of motherhood and the challenges/emotions it throws in your way. How she finds time to bake whilst raising 2 kids is beyond me, let alone writing it all down, but her efforts suitably guilted me into feeling like I should/could do some baking myself, seeing as I only have one baby.. Continue reading


What to cook when you’ve been awake for 30 hours straight.


The answer? Something quick and easy, yet tasty.

Although my trip to Boston was a great success, my flight home was not. An overnight flight where I had the grand total of 0 mins sleep, followed by a full day’s work meant that by tea-time on Friday my head was orbiting somewhere around 20,000ft above the rest of my body. I knew I needed to eat but couldn’t figure out how on earth to cook. Pasta is always my go-to ingredient when I need something quick and delicious, as it’s so easy to make something that tastes good.

And it doesn’t get much simpler, or delicious, than this…
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Thai Red Curry

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was to try this recipe. The other day, whilst on Facebook I noticed that one of my friends, Jiggy – who currently lives in Bangkok, had been on a Thai cookery course and posted the photos on her wall. Unable to afford the time, or the fare, to travel out to do the class myself, I thought I’d cheat and begged Jiggy to email me one of the recipes she had made in her class. She obliged (for which I am eternally thankful) and I impatiently waited until the weekend to give it a try.  Continue reading

Jonesy’s lasagna

Jonesy's lasagna

There’s not a huge amount, in life, I relish more than a portion of rich, warm and delicious lasanga. Because of that, I have become extremely fussy about the lasagna I will actually eat. The meat in the lasagna MUST be a mix of beef and pork mince, the béchamel sauce MUST NOT be too runny, or too thick, and the pasta MUST be cooked to perfection. As I’m a borderline control-freak anyway, I often find that I’m best off making my own lasagna, so that I can have it just the way I like it.

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Rhubarb & Apple Crumble

On a recent visit to see D’s granny, we spent a considerable amount of time sat round her dining table stuffing our faces with her delicious homemade rhubarb crumble. She not only makes her own crumble but she also grows her own rhubarb too, in her garden. As my appetite had been suitably whet by her crumble, I decided to ask her if I could pinch some rhubarb in order to try making my own at home.

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On a roll

I’ve spent this weekend visiting with a good friend in the country. In addition to the sheer delight of escaping London for a couple of days, I love visiting with this particular friend because (a) she’s simply the best company anyone could ever wish for  (b) she has an idyllic lifestyle living in a chocolate box thatched roof cottage in a picture-perfect English village with her hubby, their giant breed dog and their dapper, showbiz, cat (jealous? me?) and finally (c) she is as passionate about food as I am and we relish in cooking/eating together. Continue reading