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Balthazar London


On Monday I had a day off from mothering and headed into town to get my feed on. Having been a while since I’ve been able to dine out in town without having to worry about how buggy-friendly a place is I thought I’d head somewhere I’d really wanted to try for a while. Given the abundance of places on offer in Central London, I chose to head to Balthazar. Having opened a few months back in Covent Garden, quite a fuss had been made about this New York landmark brunch destination coming to the UK. Because of this I was eager to try it out…
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Sticks N Sushi UK


Before the arrival of Baby Edie, D & I took the (reluctant) decision to move from central London out to the ‘burbs. Try as you might, there’s an instinct that takes over when you have a kid and you start to crave being near big, green, open spaces – thinking that it will provide your spawn with a much more healthy and fulfilled lifestyle. There’s probably a lot of merit in it (and once she starts to have a bit of a clue about her surroundings I’m sure she’ll thank us for it), but as city dwellers it made D and I rather nervous. Now, don’t get me wrong Wimbledon is hardly the Outer Hebrides, but to us it signalled a shift across a relatively large chasm one approaches in life – when you stop being a happy-go-lucky ‘look at me I have disposable income to fritter on fine dining type’ and become the button-down ‘let’s save it for a special occasion’ sensible suburbanites type.

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Dinner @PerkinReveller


Several years ago now I used to work in the City. In the interests of full disclosure I had nothing to do with finances, nor did I wear a suit. I worked for an event management company that just happened to have an office squirrelled away in the historical back streets area of the City of London.

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Enid’s – Williamsburg, NY. #TheBigFeed part1


Two weeks ago. I arrived in New York to attend a work conference for a few days. After 36 years, I’d finally made it to New York. Given my ‘delicate condition’ these days I could hardly look forward to long nights spent in penthouse bars necking cocktails until dawn, nor could I locate any disposable income to spend on vast quantities of clothes, as the term ‘disposable income’ ceased to exist to me approximately 6 months ago.

I could however still feed. And feed I did. The next few blog posts will highlight a few of the places I got to try out whilst in NY and in between meetings/conference attending.

We’ll kick off on the Sunday morning I spent in Brooklyn. Fortunately I have friends and family living in NY, so I wasn’t completely at a loss on the non-work days. This particular Sunday I was invited over to Williamsburg by a couple of friends, to meet for brunch (a rather trendy thing to do in that part of town it would seem). I caught the subway over from mid-town and found myself in an area not dissimilar in population to Shoreditch in London. Lots of cool, designer types hanging out drinking coffee and cruising flea markets. It felt like home from home.

On their recommendation we headed to Enid’s for something to eat. We had originally intended to eat at Heath Ledger’s place (the name escapes me), but sadly it seemed so had most of NY. The approx hour long wait we were quoted left us less than inspired, so the call was made to go to Enid’s instead. A decision I was to grow exceptionally grateful to them for.

Although a half hour wait awaited us at Enid’s, at least there was a bar area where we could comfortably perch ourselves and have a few drinks whilst we waited. The kitchsy, dark wood interior felt familiar, as did the teams of young, cool folks digging into pancake stacks and poached eggs. When we finally sat at our table I had seen enough plates pass me by to have built up a furious appetite. The menu at Enid’s suddenly distinguished it from it’s Shoreditch cousins over the sea. The selection of dishes looked exciting, enticing and utterly steps ahead of brunch menus in most of London.

I opted for a twist on eggs benedict which was two poached eggs served atop pulled pork resting on grilled corn-bread wedges, served with a side of rice and beans. One of my friends opted for the same whilst the other chose the smoked catfish cakes with eggs, smoked American bacon and tartar sauce. It was, without doubt one of the best brunches I have ever eaten. My plate was bursting with flavour and really hit the spot with me.



I had sauntered in there, arrogantly predicting that this was to be a meal I would easily be able to find somewhere in the twin district of Shoreditch, but I left surprised, delighted and with my tail firmly stuck between my legs. Oh Enid’s how I wish I could have visited you this morning…and then tomorrow…and the next day.

Enid’s is open for Sunday brunch from 10am – 4pm and is located at 560 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn.

P.S – If you happen to make it to Enid’s, I’m confidently assured that their burgers are up there with the absolute best you can find. Almost worth booking a flight back out for…

Sunday supper at The Thatched House


I’ve been reading some really great things about The Thatched House in Hammersmith lately. Firstly, Hot Dinners rated it as one of the best local places to eat in West London, Chris Pople added it to his foodie tube map as the place to visit in Hammersmith, and I read on their website that food writer and now emerging chef extraordinare Rocket & Squash was taking over the kitchen for a night recently. All in all, by my estimations, these factors contribute to a fairly strong recommedation to head down there and see what it’s all about. So, last night we pitched up for a Sunday supper.

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Upstairs at The Ten Bells

I’m conscious that I’m liable to make myself even more unpopular than I already am with this particular review, as Upstairs at The Ten Bells has been proving so popular of late. However, in an effort to provide an unbiased view, I feel I’ve got to be honest.

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Feeding in Boston,MA


Recently I was sent to the US with work. My trip involved spending a couple of days in Boston. As someone who much prefers to take recommendations for where to eat, I was feeling a little unsure as I headed out there with no recommendations, and no idea where to get a good meal.
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After the disappointment of attempting ‘posh curry’ at Trishna not too long ago, I was dubious about heading over to Notting Hill to try London’s latest upmarket Indian offering.

Walking in and spotting the glamourous, plush interior I became even more concerned. I’m a big fan of the likes of Tayyabs in East London where the decor is about as inviting as the service (rams tongue in cheek), but the addictive quality of the food is what lures you back there time and time again. In my mind a good curry doesn’t need to come in gilt-edged packaging.
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Santa Maria

By now, word may well have reached you (whether you live in London or Timbuktu), that a pizzeria by the name of Santa Maria is causing quite a stir in London. Thanks to Time Out awarding it one of the best pizza places in London, and even FT.com getting in on the act with naming it one of the top 5 pizza restaurants, Santa Maria has been building up quite a fan base since it opened in 2010.

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Malina Restaurant

About a week I ago, as I sat in traffic in Brook Green, I glanced out of the window to my right and noticed a sweet looking restaurant called Malina. I pointed it out to D and suggested we look it up on the internet to see what it was. Almost entirely convinced that because it looked so attractive it would likely have poor reviews (ever the optimist me!), I was quite surprised to discover Malina actually has rave reviews for its Polish cuisine, and was awarded Time Out’s Best New Local Restaurant title in 2011.

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