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Pizza perfection @TheOakLondon


Those of you who have read previous posts on here will know that I’m rather a big fan of pizza. Sadly I wasn’t born one of those people who crave fresh fruit, or soy beans, or broccoli. My cross to bear is my constant craving for doughy bases smothered in delicious sauces, piles of cheese and a variety of meats and vegetables. Granted, broccoli may well be one of them…

Given my obsession, and my good fortune with having spent time feeding my face with pizza in Naples, I am somewhat fussy when it comes to the pizza I’ll indulge in. I’m a big fan of places like Datte Foco in Stoke Newington and Santa Maria in Ealing, and now, The Oak in Westbourne Park.  

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Feeding in Boston – the sequel.


Last week I was back over in Boston for business. Fortunately on this visit I had more opportunity to explore the variety of feeding holes this fine city has to offer. I am completely and utterly smitten with Boston. Although it’s not know for its fine dining necessarily, the city has a lot of good food to offer, as well as being very clean, cool and friendly.
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Feeding in Cincinnati


Before my recent trip to the US, I was concerned about where I was going to eat during my 7 nights in Cincinnati. Having never been there before I had no idea where to start…
Internet searches weren’t delivering much as I didn’t know the City and/or areas to go.

This is intended to be a guide for those visiting Cincinnati for the first time and facing the same concern I was. Short reviews and suggestions coming up…

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NOPI – A new dawn

NOPI's Alice-in-Wonderland-style toilets. Quite mind-bending after some wine.

When I first read that the (hjonesy-titled) ‘King-of-the-veggie’ chef Yotam Ottolenghi was to open a ‘real’ restaurant in Soho I could barely contain my excitement. I have eaten in the Islington branch of the deli-cum-cafe-cum-restaurant several times and each time I have marvelled at how someone can take so few, simple, ingredients (including lots of veggies) and make them taste SO appealing. He’s a true pioneer in turning us Brits into people who can appreciate something made with just a few fresh, wholesome ingredients as opposed to something which has been cluster-bombed with ingredients and seasonings


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