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On Friday evening I was lucky enough to attend a ‘Dinner Party Sushi’ cookery class at Sozai cookery school, through The Japan Society. Focused on teaching some of the basics including how to make perfect sushi rice, this 120 minute class is a great way to spend an evening learning how to make 4 impressive-looking sushi pieces, whilst getting to eat them along the way. Needless to say I didn’t leave with a tray-full of sushi as most of the students did.
(NB: the photograph above shows the teacher’s efforts – mine never all sat in the tray together before they fell into my mouth)

Sozai cookery school offers a wide range of courses from learning to roll through to cooking perfect tempura and the soon-to-be-added Katsu class. All the classes on offer are hosted in central London and range from £35 to £90.

Our teacher, Akemi was an absolute delight. Very warm, friendly and encouraging she really taught us well and was happy to answer questions thrown at her throughout the class.



We not only learnt how to make the sushi but we learnt about the history of each piece also, which I found fascinating. Ever since watching Jiro Dreams of Sushi whilst in labour in hospital, I’ve been dying to be taught how to do it and give it a bash myself. I was genuinely grateful to learn some of, what is often forgotten as, a true art. Although about 80years of selfless dedication away from Jiro’s obvious talents, it has really inspired me and I look forward to making plenty more sushi at home now also.

The real fun comes from being able to get creative with it. Akemi teaches you how to make each piece, but then encourages you to add your own individual touches, perhaps a dash of wasabi here, or a scattering of roe there…If only I could have restrained myself from scoffing it as quickly as I made it I’d have better pictures to show, but as it was they didn’t last long once I’d delicately placed the final loving touch. I did manage to get a few snaps on my phone before they disappeared however, see below for some of my creations…

For more details of the classes on offer at Sozai, check out their listings here








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